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Missed the live KRTU
radio broadcast?

Here are the most recently
recorded shows as
uncensored mp3 streams.
(Your device is bound to
play one or the other.)

Webstream - Listen to
August 1, 2015


Music For Listeners
Some new tracks, some old
tracks, some good tracks, and
a "Mid-Morning Recording" on
this week's MFL.
First Broadcast
August 1, 2015


Webstream - Listen to
July 25, 2015



the 180
The Ship-Tones
The 180

The seventy-first installment
of "The 180" is hosted by
the indie-reggae outing
The Ship-Tones. Chris Shippo
of Beats At Work and stage
tech for The Cribs is putting
out an album under the name
The Ship-Tones.
In honor of that release Chris
is taking over for his
second episode of "The 180.
We are curious to hear what
direction this broadcast will go.
He had lots of special
guests on The Ship-Tones
album, and we can't wait to
hear what he will bring.
First broadcast
July 25, 2015

Look at the playlists
for the shows above

(KRTU broadcasts are
censored but feature the full
Mid-Morning Recording)

KRTU - Listen Live - DIAL-UP

the 180
Andy Falconer
The 180

The seventy-second installment
of "The 180" is hosted by
electronic music composer
and photographer, Andy Falconer.
After a little bit of time spent in
the Orb collective, he put out
an amazing solo release,
"Falconer", and then seemed
to have dropped out of music
for a long while. Now after
becoming a photographer and
raising a family, he is back
composing electronic work with
his project 20-12, and others.
Maybe he'll have some rare
unheard mixes for us!
First broadcast
August 29, 2015

Music For Listeners

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